Executive Board for the Fall 2024 Semester

Master Alchemist: Zoe Vetter

Vice Master Alchemist: Alexis Graber

Reporter: Taylor Mitchell

Recorder: Erian Stone

Treasurer: Allison Gibson

Master of Ceremonies: Briggs Maynor

Alumni Secretary: Chris Beersman

Tutor Coordinator: Audrey Brown

Master of Catalysis: Emma Thompson

Webmaster/Cyber-Alchemist: Kaiden Zaborowski

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Anne Moody

Degenerate Faculty Adviser: Dr. John O’Brien

Chairs for the Spring 2024 Semester

Social: Kayla Cunningham

Intramurals: Connor Hof & Keegan Vosmith

Fundraising: Grant Ross

Historian: Grace Gibson

Service: Kara Sargent

Tie-Dye: Allison Gibson & Mary O’Reilly

Demos: Haisley Windsor

Student Advisory: Christine Chen

Happiness and Joy: Grace Gibson & Zoe Vetter

Chemistry Contact Center: Alexis Graber

Out-In-STEM: Sami Charleville

ACS: Kara Sargent