People of The Week


Brock was geek of the semester for lots of things yo!

Kate was brother of the week for going to Grant’s SRC presentation on her B-day!

Dr. O’Brien was geek of the week for talking about how with all the rain it would be awesome to be a Mushroom.

Grant was a brother for creating a study guide for this week’s instrumental exam!

Bruce was a geek for stealing DI water to give to his Venus Fly Trap, but then proceeding to give it regular tap. Bruce also went mushroom hunting in Dr. Humphry’s backyard!


Bruce was a brother and spent twenty minutes getting Emily’s boot out of the mud!

Welton won Geek of the Week for describing his NMR peak as a “lonely boi” (4/14).

Kayla was very brotherly this week when she got Caleb a care package to cheer him up after his dog died.

Olivia did a whole lot of stuff this past week. She asked what electrochem. was, decided to make all the gels instead of Dr. Miller for Biochem lab, and made a passphrase “Big DCl”.

Karissa was brotherly this week after bringing food to her friend Dianna while studying.

I ascended to Geek of the week after I finally got to validate all the time I spend writing python scripts (3/31)

Valarie was voted to be brotherly when she went to extreme lengths to get Olivia a Gatorade.

Kayla was foound to be geeky when she confused the word confrontation with computation(al chemistry).

Ally was voted brother of the week forĀ helping Bill cut up cow heart for biochem lab.

Brock was voted geek of the week for terrible instrumental puns (3/17).


Trinity was chosen as brother of the week for saving Grant’s life from the perilous combination of chairs and gravity.


Olivia was voted geek of the week (3/3) for trying to drink the expensive 18 M Ohm water in instrumental lab.

Bobby won brother of the week (2/24) for moving his scooter from outside Molly and Kayla’s house after 3 years.

Cade won geek of the week (2/24) for writing out the alphabet and giving each letter a chemistry related term during Diels Alder.

Brockoli Boysan was nominated three times and won geek of the week for tripping and launching his shoe during floor hockey, asking if he could simulate floor hockey instead of doing it, and last but not least renaming himself as the scientific name of broccoli on zoom. (2/17)

Caleb was voted Brother of the week for making dinner for Molly and Kayla. (2/17)


Kayla was voted Brother of the week for helping Wendy recover her pchem data! (2/10)

Caleb won Geek of the week for showing off his Jedi training (2/10).

Val was voted Brother of the week (2/3) for cheering Kayla up when she was feeling down.

Olivia was voted Geek of the week (2/3) for spelling Boobs out during the instrumental electronics 3 lab.


Molly Heebs was votes Brother of the week (1/27) for giving a thoughtful care package to Val!